self-proclaimed anti-imperialists on tumblr make me sick, when will they stop the fucking “revolutions in the MENA were US-sponsored” rants - you are not even a part of our societies nor do you know the histories of our countries, you have not experienced MENA dictatorships nor you have you been in revolutionary MENA spaces - you do not know the revolutions to judge the revolutions, stop silencing our voices with your paranoid and privileged “leftist” bullshit

this, all day. it’s infuriating when our revolutions are belittled as Western backed conspiracies.



Syria: One Year On, No Justice for Chemical Attacks Victims

ustice remains elusive for the victims of the chemical weapons attacks on Ghouta, near Damascus, which killed hundreds of people, Human Rights Watch said today, on the anniversary of the August 21, 2013 attacks.

The attacks were the most significant use of chemical agents since the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein, who used them in an attack on Iraqi Kurds in 1988, but no one has been held to account. Available evidence strongly suggests that Syrian forces carried out the attacks, though the government denies responsibility. Subsequently, under considerable international pressure, Syria acceded to the Chemical Weapons Convention and agreed to eliminate its chemical weapons.